Burial Insurance in California

Funeral insurance and funeral planning
After you die you won’t have to worry about your unpaid bills. But somebody will.  Let’s face it: Dying is expensive. The average funeral costs $6,500, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, and that doesn’t include cemetery expenses and other items that can push the bill above $10,000.  In addition, the average American owes nearly $9,846 in credit card and other debt, according to the Federal Reserve. This doesn’t include what’s due on your home mortgage. Throw in probate costs, taxes, other legal and estate matters, and it all adds up to a financial  burden that could take years to pay off.  Burial Life Insurance can relieve your family of that concern by allowing them to fully fund your funeral.  In addition, we offer a complete funeral plan with  Dignity Planning TM, which will help you archive your Final Wishes Plan to make sure your family knows exactly what you want for your funeral.  Burial insurance is a life insurance policy written for a specific purpose: To cover your funeral costs and other short-term debts you leave behind.  Most policies are available in face amounts typically ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 – much less than a standard life insurance policy. Compare prices using our calculator and one of our affiliated Burial Insurance Specialists  will give you a call with  more information without obligation!


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